NJILGA - New Jersey Institute of Local Government Attorneys

It is with a very heavy heart that I must advise you that our beloved senior partner,  Dick Dieterly, passed away this weekend at his home.  Dick and Ann had just returned from an elaborate vacation in Europe, flawlessly planned and executed by him.  Dick loved Gebhardt & Kiefer.  He was the one who had sung hymns to Reading Gebhardt, the son of our founding partner, to convince him it was time to relinquish the reins of the firm and become what we call today a transitional senior partner, probably saving the firm from dissolution.  He was the Dean of the Municipal Bar; a man with a memory so incredible he could cite cases from law school on subjects he was not involved in.  He has an incredible, but purposely well disguised, intellectual capacity and a vast reservoir of knowledge of arcane subjects.  However, his vast brain power was never used to humiliate or lord over others.  His temperament was extremely even; I never saw him mad; never saw him yell, never saw him pout or be depressed.  Although he kept much of himself from public view, he was a profoundly nice man who cared about others and, while not intrusive about it,  was always interested in the well-being of our staff. When new lawyers were being hired he always wanted to know who they were and how they would fit in. 

Although passing is always sad for the rest of us, Dick’s untimely death is particularly devastating.  Even though Dick had a long, very full and rewarding life,  in his early 80s he was still spry, mentally sharp,  healthy and was enjoying his well-deserved retirement with vim and vigor.  He was planning a hike for his hiking group and no doubt planning another overseas sojourn.  Moreover, he was an important family player helping and socializing with his daughter, Anna, her husband, their child and his son, Paul, and his family.  He also continued to participate in firm matters, showing up at the office regularly to continue to help clients with their legal issues.   So we lost him tragically while he was at a great time in his life.  We will all miss him terribly.

Richard P. Cushing, Esq.



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