Who We Are

The New Jersey Institute of Local Government Attorneys (NJILGA or the Institute) was established in 1951 for the purpose of promoting education and njilga logo largeprofessionalism among local government attorneys, and to assist members of the legal profession to better serve local governments in New Jersey. It is an affiliate of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities (NJLM).

NJILGA, through its diplomate program, its seminars and legal assistance program for municipal attorneys, and its representation of the NJLM and other related functions, endeavors to promote the highest standards of professionalism and competence on the part of its membership.

NJILGA presently has a membership of approximately 300 attorneys engaged in the representation of various local government units in the State of New Jersey, including municipalities, counties, planning and zoning boards, utilities authorities, and other local government entities.

The governing body of the Institute is made up of its officers, past presidents, thirty district trustees, two at-large trustees, and a number of senior trustees. Two trustees are elected from each of fifteen districts, which coincide with the vicinages established by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

The Institute also has a number of standing and special committees dealing with current legislative and regulatory issues. The Institute intervenes as amicus curiae in cases that present novel questions affecting the public interest, often in conjunction with NJLM.

One of the most noteworthy contributions of NJILGA is the Local Government Law Review, which is published quarterly. All members of the Institute receive copies of the Law Review, and subscriptions are available to libraries, courts and other interested parties. Other services available to members of NJILGA are email updates regarding current topics in local government law and advice to members through the Institute’s Legal Assistance Committee. The Institute also sponsors a series of programs at the League convention in November on topics of interest to local government lawyers. Through the Institute’s affiliation with the NJLM, these programs qualify for New Jersey and Pennsylvania CLE credits.

The Institute also takes positions from time to time on proposed legislation or regulations that may affect local government attorneys, where it believes that this is necessary to protect the interests of our members, particularly if no other organization is responding.

Social events sponsored by NJILGA and open to all members include our annual social event at the League Conference in Atlantic City, an annual baseball outing, and regional social networking events held in North, Central and South Jersey. All attorneys involved or interested in local government law are welcome and encouraged to join the Institute.

To join go to https://njilga.org/membership/join-njilga.html and join online or download a membership application.