Gordon D. Griffin Gordon D. Griffin Award

The Gordon D. Griffin Award, established by the New Jersey Institute of Local Government Attorneys (NJILGA), is given in honor of Gordon D. Griffin, who was a Past President of NJILGA.   He was a shareholder/ director with Mason, Griffin & Pierson in Princeton, New Jersey.  Mr. Griffin graduated from Princeton University in 1940 and earned his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1948.  In 1955 he co-founded the law firm of Mason & Griffin.  Mr. Griffin was Princeton Township Attorney from 1952 to 1980 and Princeton Borough Attorney from 1962 to 1980. He served as President of the Legal Aid Society of Mercer County from 1973 to1974, was President of the Mercer County Bar Association in 1970, was President of the New Jersey Institute of Local Government Attorneys from 1980 to 1981 and was President of the Princeton Bar Association in 1958.  In 1999 Mr. Griffin was honored with the Frederic G. Stickel, III Award for Excellence in Local Government Law.

The Griffin Award is given in recognition of a lifetime of excellent service in local government law, unselfish assistance rendered to local governments and other local government attorneys, and service to the community and to professional associations in advancing the perception of the legal profession.  Recipients have committed to using their knowledge and experience in the local government field to advance the appreciation of well-functioning governments to promote the betterment of the community and quality of life of its residents.  The award is customarily made at the Institute‚Äôs reception at the November conference of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities. 

Prior Recipients of the Gordon D. Griffin Award



Richard P. Cushing


John McNiff


Thomas W. Dunn


William John Kearns, Jr.


Saul A. Wolfe


Richard J. Allen


John C. Gillespie 2023