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In 1990, the New Jersey Institute of Local Government Attorneys (NJILGA) and Rutgers University‚Äôs Center for Government Services created a program known as the Diplomate in New Jersey Local Government Law.  Rutgers, in partnership with NJILGA is sponsoring a series of seminars leading to a Diplomate in Local Government Law.  The Diplomate Program is a voluntary educational program that consists of six separate courses.  The courses cover a broad area of municipal practice and are taught by attorneys or licensed professionals in their respective disciplines.

The courses are described in detail on the Rutgers website - please Click Here

Upon successful completion of the course hours and any required examinations, an individual is awarded the Diplomate in New Jersey Local Government Law by Rutgers and NJILGA.  The Diplomate Certificate will remain in effect provided the individual periodically completes the required number of credits of continuing legal education in local government law offered by Rutgers and NJILGA